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Board Printer

Board 3D Printer

Mockup v1.png

single Purpose built 3d printer…

I really want to explore customization products via 3d printing. I’ve really gotten into the esk8 world via the Onewheel, and recently started expanding into the electric longboards. What I want to do is make my own custom long/short board decks with 3d printing.

The initial thinking is to print boards on their sides so that the “grain” helps to provide strength over the length of the board. I do have concerns about strength of the bond between layers and possibly having it break between the seams, but that’s to be determined. Using large layers should help with that as well as speed up the printing process.

With this approach, I would be able to also control the profile/shape of the board and tailor all the bends.

If the direct print is inadequate in terms of strength for general riding, this process can be used to at least create master templates for composite layup work.