I like to make things that make things.
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The tools for us to make things has never been more accessible. The question is, what do we make now that we have access? Often times I find myself telling people “You can make anything!” And you know what happens when you tell someone they can make anything? They make nothing! So here is a start of my work on designing devices that are not only the mode of fabrication, but also the mode of design.

First device I wanted to experiment with was some sort of image capture device. I want to create a Polaroid-like tool. Point, click to take a picture and get some sort of image thing made.

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3D Printer/Lithopane

Handheld 3D printer anyone? Idea with this approach is to build the camera system (Raspi) into a portable 3d printer.

Current considerations are to go with a continuous belt printer design to not only mimic the Polaroid-like process, but to also help with print time (target is sub 20min prints…still too long?)

Laser Engraver

Handheld laser engraver. Same concept as the 3D printer concept but using a laser diode to engrave/raster.

Simpler than the 3D printer given the need for only 2 axes. Though safety complications enter the picture with fumes and a decent powered laser diode.

thermal Printer

Maybe the simplest approach and the closest to get near instant images.