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The Original OpenSLS as designed by Andreas Bastian

The Original OpenSLS as designed by Andreas Bastian

So this is a project where I jumped in on as opposed to started. To get the skinny on the origins of the project and its birth/conception, I suggest you check out Andreas Bastian's blog. 


The basis of the OpenSLS platform was converting a typical CO2 lasercutter into a selective laser sintering 3D printer. The laser and the XY gantry were already in place given the general functionality of a laser cutter. What we needed to do was build a powder handling system. This system would at least need to dispense powder and also contain the excess, but also be adaptable for a static or active plow mechanism.

I jumped in on this project with a few things in mind:

  • Changing the design to use new off the shelf hardware, in particular the print pistons
  • Experiment with alternatives to powder ducting
  • Accommodate new firmware features (thanks Tim!)

More Updates Coming soon! Check back later!